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The Introduction of ARGB - Antec April 01, 2022


As a PC-DIY beginner, there is some stuff you need to know when you learn how to build a PC. Today we are going to do an introduction to ARGB & PWM in case you don't know what are the meanings behind these words.


ARGB (Addressable RGB) is a lighting effect that is a more advanced version of RGB. While RGB lighting can only be used to display a single color across its LEDs, ARGB allows you control over each individual LED. Impressive color cycling, flashing, syncing, and more.


The RGB lighting can only display a single color at a time, yet the ARGB lighting can display various colors.


The ARGB lighting technology can be used on many PC components such as GPUs, RAMs, case fans, and all-in-one CPU coolers.

Prizm X 120 ARGB 3+C

  • 24 Independent RGB LED Beads
  • Motherboard Addressable RGB LED Lighting
  • Fan controller (included)
  • PWM Intelligent Case Fan

Symphony 360 ARGB

  • Mirror ARGB Lighting Pump Head
  • EPDM+IIP High-Density Tubing
  • 14 Dense Cooling Fins
  • Sync with the Motherboard
  • ARGB PWM fan


ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, AsRock ARGB

Most mainstream motherboard vendors such as ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, AsRock have released ARGB softwares that allow you to control the ARGB lighting effects and colors.


Motherboard Connectors:

Antec motherboard4-Pin RGB Connector

4-Pin RGB Connector antec

3-Pin ARGB Connector

3-Pin ARGB Connector antecDevice Connectors:

3-Pin ARGB Connector

3-Pin ARGB Connector antec4-Pin RGB Connector.

4-Pin RGB Connector antec


There also fool-proof marks on the connectors.

Fool-Proof antec


The pins highlighted in red are fool-proof designed to avoid damage from wrong installation.

Closing Thought

Plenty of our products features ARGB Lighting technology. For example, our top seller, the FLUX Series comes with different stylish looks for you to choose.