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The 5 Best White PC Cases in 2021 - Antec December 10, 2021

Are you getting tired of black PC cases? We knew that white-themed gaming PC setups becoming more popular in recent days. Instead of doing a PC case mod by yourself, now you have plenty of choices for your ultimate white gaming PC setup.

From standard ATX mid-tower to small form factor ITX mini-tower rigs, Antec has got your needs covered. Let's have quick browsing to see what we have got.

Supreme Series

Torque White

  • E-ATX mid-tower
  • Supports up to 6 x 120 mm fans
  • Supports up to 360 mm radiator

White PC Case  - Torque WhiteTorque Black/White, a commanding mid-tower with a forward-tilted motherboard position, aggressive lines, and plenty of features designed for performance-heavy builds, merges precision cut aluminum panels in high contrast black & white color to bring an augmented experience to your desktop.

Performance Series

P120 Crystal White

  • E-ATX mid-tower
  • Supports up to 7 x 120 mm fans
  • Supports up to 2 x 360 mm radiators

White PC Case - P120 Crystal WhiteThe P120 Crystal White Mid-Tower case is a combination of aesthetics and performance. Featuring an industry-leading slide button design, front and side tempered glass panels, aluminum VGA holder, and 2 x 360 mm radiator support simultaneously, P120 Crystal White offers the best configuration for your gaming PC setup. It's ready to give you a mind-blowing user experience.

Supreme Series


  • ITX mini-tower
  • Supports up to 4 x 120 mm fans
  • Supports up to 1 x 240 mm radiators

White PC Case - StrikerStriker, the ITX open case is the first of its kind, designed for custom water-cooling gamers. Characterized by its irregular shape, unique form, and innovative structure, The Striker will be a brand-new challenge for experienced modders. It is the first open case featuring a front-placed VGA design, ITX form factor, and bold styling. Antec Striker will arouse your enthusiasm for extreme gaming.

Dark League

DP502 FLUX White

  • ATX mid-tower
  • Supports up to 9 x 120 mm fans
  • Supports up to 1 x 360 mm radiator
  • 5 x 120 mm fans included

White PC Case - DP502 FLUX WhiteThe DP502 FLUX White mid-tower gaming case is well equipped with an industry-leading design of advanced ventilation, taking the Antec Dark league gaming cases to the next generation.

NX Series

NX410 White

  • ATX mid-tower
  • Supports up to 6 x 120 mm fans
  • Supports up to 1 x 360 mm radiator
  • 2 x 140 mm & 1 x 120 mm ARGB fans included

White PC Case - NX410 WhiteThe NX410 White mid-tower gaming case effortlessly combines a bevy of in-demand features: USB 3.0 connectivity, ample storage drive bays, room for expansion, and includes one ARGB LED fans in both front and rear. With support for up to a 360 mm liquid cooling radiator in front and 280 mm on top, NX410 White is easy to build with and easy to cool.

Closing Thoughts

We realize that the needs of PC gamers have become much complex than before. Some people prefer ATX mid-tower cases, yet others prefer ITX mini-tower cases. Some people enjoy the best cooling performance cases, and others love the best silent PC cases. We are trying our best to cover all your needs. So, stay tuned! Maybe you are still not a fan of our PC cases, but we will assure you that there will be more best computer cases for you to choose from.