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1. Remove any thermal pads or other compound from the heat sink and the CPU core surfaces. Use a LINT FREE cloth and low residual solvent such as isopropyl alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover) to clean the mating surfaces completely. Make absolutely sure the surfaces are free of foreign materials such as old compound, a hair, piece of lint or oil from fingers.
Note: Never use any oil or petroleum based cleaners (WD-40, citrus based grease removers and other automotive degreasers) to clean the surfaces.
2. Put a finger into a clean plastic bag and apply a small amount of Silver Thermal Compound to the outside of the bag. To apply the compound, use a circular motion to rub the compound onto the base of the heat sink where the CPU core will contact it. Use a LINT FREE cloth to clean the surface again. DO NOT use any solvent or fluid this time.
3. Slowly and carefully squeeze about 1/2 size of an uncooked grain of white rice or 1/4 of a BB to the CPU core.
4. Use a razor blade or the clean edge of a piece of paper to spread the compound over the core. Note: DO NOT use your finger to apply or smooth the compound.
5. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to secure the heat sink. Minimize any "Twisting" or lateral "Sliding".