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To test the power supply:

  • Unplug any devices that are connected to the power supply
  • Unplug the 20-pin ATX connector from the motherboard
  • Plug the tester into the power supply's 20-pin ATX connector
  • If the POWER_OK LED lights up, the power supply is working (Figure 1.0)

    (Figure 1.0)

To measure the voltages: With the tester on and the power supply running (You will need a volt meter)

  • Turn the volt meter dial to VDC
  • Insert the black (-) pole to the COM lead and red (+) pole to the +5V lead as indicated on the diagram to read the voltage reading of the +5V
  • Keep the black pole at the COM position, change the red pole to +3.3V or +12V to measure the voltages