For Intel Socket CPU's & AMD Athlon, Athlon XP,

MP Socket CPU's up to 1800+

Installation Instructions

1. Before installing the heatsink, remove any thermal pads or other compound from the heatsink and the CPU surfaces. Use a LINT FREE cloth and low residual solvent such as isopropyl alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover) to clean the mating surfaces completely.

2. Cut the plastic bag that holds the thermal grease and carefully squeeze about ½ size of an uncooked grain of white rice or ¼ of a BB to the CPU core of an AMD Athlon/Duron or a Pentium III FC-PGA CPU. Use more if needed. You may need to use more grease for other non FC-PGA CPU's.

3. Use a razor blade or the clean edge of a credit card to spread the grease over the CPU core. Note: DO NOT use your finger to apply the grease.

4. Engage the retention hook onto the retention tab as shown. Make sure the thumb latch is on the same side as the "cam-lock" end of the socket.

5. With your fingers holding the heatsink, use the thumb of the other hand to squeeze the latch down and engage the retention clip onto the retention tab as shown.


For greater cooling of the CPU we recommend using Antec's Silver Thermal Compound