Upgrade/Replacement Fan for CPU Heatsinks

Installation Instructions

1. For most heatsink fans, you will need to remove the fan currently
installed on the heatsink. Antec recommends removing the
heatsink/fan from the CPU/motherboard. Using the appropriate
screw driver (normally Phillips head) unscrew the screws that
attach the fan to the heatsink.

2. Next place Antec Smart Fan on the heatsink, being sure to line up
the screw holes to where the original fan was secured. Then using
the screws that secured your original fan, secure the Smart Fan to
the heatsink. Make sure the temperature sensor is not on the
retention tab sides.

3. Carefully insert the sensor into the gap between the CPU and the
heatsink base. Use a tape to secure the sensor wire onto the
motherboard if necessary. Note: Don't let the sensor contact the
CPU core as the temperature is very high and thus may burn the
protective coating of the sensor.

4. Connect the 4-pin connector to the power supply. Connect the 3-pin
fan signal connector to one of the fan connectors on your motherboard.


The 3-pin signal connector does not need to be attached for the Smart Fan to work. It connects to a motherboard fan connector to monitor the Smart Fan's RPM. Some motherboard's BIOS may not work coherently with the fan's pulse signal. It is normal to detect two fluctuating RPM readings. The smaller reading is the correct RPM of the fan.