Why Cobra Cable

Antec's Cobra Cables are designed to address two major performance-robbing issues which are often ignored: signal integrity, and heat.

Eliminate bottlenecks. As today's systems get progressively faster, data-transfer bottlenecks can impact performance more than ever before. If your system is waiting for data to be retrieved from hard drive storage, your super-fast CPU is just sitting and waiting. And that translates directly into your system seeming "slow."

Outstanding Signal Quality. Antec Cobra Cables maximize your storage bus performance. No more "re-tries" caused by poor signal strength, interference, or line noise. Their superior design and manufacture includes:· Dual shielding layers - aluminum foil, and braided metallic mesh - for superior signal clarity.

  • Grounding wire for maximum shielding performance.
  • Twisted-pair configuration to eliminate crosstalk.
  • Protective boot covers at connectors for increased durability
  • High-quality nylon mesh sheath for greater flexibility, ease of routing, and stylish appearance.

Reduce System Heat. Heat degrades the performance of every subsystem in your computer, and reduces your electronics' lifespan. Proper airflow is key to removing heat from your chassis, but standard flat ribbon cables often significantly impede chassis airflow. Antec Cobra Cables' rounded design allows air to flow easily by and result in cooler system temperatures. Use both ATA and Floppy versions together for effect.