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Attach?Windows 2000 Installation Instructions

The following procedure is required to make the PCMCIA version of the Attach?function under Windows 2000. It requires that you have the updated drivers at hand, available from Antec by emailing and requesting them. Please follow all The following procedure is required to make the PCMCIA version of the Attach?function under Windows 2000. It steps in the order given.

Important Note: This procedure assumes that you are logged into Windows 2000 with full Administrator rights. If you don't have that capability, or you don't understand that requirement, please contact your IT department or read your support documentation for Windows 2000. Antec cannot help you with your administrator login.

Basic Attach?Driver Installation

1. Insert the "Attach?Software Disk" in your CD-ROM drive.
2. If the automatic setup program starts, cancel out of it.
3. Double-click the "My Computer" icon on the desktop.
4. Right-click the drive letter which contains the Attach?software disk.
5. Select Explore from the menu that appears.
6. Double-click on the ABBYY folder.
7. Double-click the "Install.exe" icon.
8. Follow the Wizard's instructions.
9. After installing ABBYY Fine Reader, remove the CD from the drive and restart your system.

Windows 2000 Updated Driver

10. Save the "2K Scanner.exe" E-mail Attachment from Antec on your hard drive.
11. With Windows Explorer or My Computer, browse to the location of the saved file.
12. Double-click on the "2K Scanner.exe" file to run the auto-extractor.
13. A "WinZip Self Extract Window" will appear.
14. Click Browse to set the path where you want to save the files. (C:\TEMP is an example.)
15. Click "OK" to accept the path. Remember this path for later use.
16. Click "Unzip" in the "WinZip Self Extract Window" to begin the extraction.
17. If done properly, the "WinZip Self Extract Window" will display a message "4 files unzipped successfully."
18. Click "OK."
19. Restart your computer.

Hardware Connection

20. Now and only now plug the "Attach?PCMCIA PC Card" into the computer PCMCIA slot.
21. Windows 2000 should detect the Attach?device.
22. A "Found New Hardware Wizard" should open.
23. Follow the Wizard to choose the PCMCIA Scanner device.
24. Choose to specify a location for the drivers, and Browse to the folder into which you extracted the files from the emailed attachment (in Step 14).
25. Click OK and install the Windows 2000 update.
26. Finish the Wizard.
27. Click Start/Programs/ABBYY Fine Reader
28. Click on File/Select Scanner.
29. Double Click on "TravelScan."
30. Double Click "Scan&Read."
31. The "Antec TWAIN Control Panel Window" should appear.
32. Insert your document in the PCMCIA Attach?face up.
33. Select the Scan Button of your choice and begin scanning.

This procedure should be sufficient to get your Attach?working. If you are still experiencing problems, please email Antec technical support at, or call us at 800-222-6832.