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PhotoChute3 USB SpecSheet
  • Compact external design for portability
  • Includes connections for PC card types including SmartMedia, PCMCIA Type 1, 11, or ATA cards and CompactFlash
  • Hot swappable for card insertion and removal
  • Up to 5 times faster than digital cameras with USB connection
  • Active LED including SmartMedia, CompactFlash or ATA card usage
  • Image transfer rate up to 1.5 MB per second with USB technology
  • 50 times (or more) faster than standard serial port
  • Supports both Windows98 (recommended) and Windows95 OSR2 with USB support
Host Computer          586/686 Level CPU, USB port, Windows
                                98, Windows 95, OSR2 (2/USB support)

Interface                     External USB device

Power Supply             +5V from USB port directly

Data Transfer Rate     1.5 MB / sec (max.)

Operating Temperature   0 C - 70 C
Storage Temperature    -40 C - 70 C
Relative Humidity          95% (max without condensing)

Package Includes:
Antec PhotoChute3 USB with USB connector - CompactFlash adapter card, USB drivers, User's Manual