soundscience HDTV bias lighting

Enhance Your HDTV Experience

  • Professionally calibrated 6500K color temperature
  • Enhance colors, increase viewing comfort, and reduce eye fatigue
  • USB powered for quick installation and immediate use

Get the most out of your HDTV with the soundscience HDTV bias lighting. soundscience now proudly offers a professional and affordable bias lighting solution for your home theater environment. Bias lighting adds a subtle white backlight to your HDTV that enhances image contrast, improves picture quality and increases viewing comfort.

The Easy, Affordable Way to Enhance Your HDTV

Your viewing environment plays a critical part in enjoying TV, movies and video games. External image contaminants such as glare, reflections and haze on the screen due to improper lighting can reduce the picture quality on your HDTV. Blacks can look washed out, whites can come out too bright and picture details can appear fuzzy. The soundscience HDTV bias lighting relieves these issues by offering a comfortable viewing environment while eliminating the problems caused by conventional lighting methods.

Designed for Your Entertainment Space

This is our second product that is designed to help enhance viewing experience. We first introduced the soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit™ to improve the computer user experience. Recognizing the increasing popularity of home theaters, HDTV bias lighting addresses the often overlooked element of visual ambience to create an ideal home theater experience.

Reduce Eye Fatigue

When viewing images in a dark environment, significant variation in picture brightness is the leading cause of eye fatigue. Bias lighting remedies eyestrain by reducing the necessary range of motion in the iris muscles.

Increase viewing hours

Eliminating eyestrain increases your viewing endurance. Whether you're an avid game player, movie watcher or simply an extensive computer user, soundscience halo 6 LED lighting makes sure you're able to perform comfortably for extended periods.

Enhance color definition

The color and brightness of the LEDs are carefully calibrated to achieve the optimal viewing experience and increase your monitor's perceived contrast ratio - making blacks blacker and colors more vibrant.
HDTV: • HDTV up to 60" in size placed against light colored wall
• Available USB port or powered USB hub
Certifications/Safety: CE, RoHS
Unit Dimensions:
USB cable lenght: 51.2" / 1,300 mm
LED light strip length: 55.1" / 1,400 mm (22 LEDs)
Packaging Dimensions:
  5.9" (H) x 5.5" (W) x 0.6" (D) / 150 mm (H) x 140 mm (W) x 15 mm (D)
Net Weight: 2 oz / 56.7g
Gross Weight: 3 oz / 85.0g
Warranty Information:
Product Warranty: 1 years limited















Hands-On: Antec Bias LED Lighting Kit

September 7th, 2011 -
Antec recently launched the Bias Lighting kit which reportedly reduces eye fatigue while increasing perceived image clarity. This is essentially accomplished by splashing white backlight behind the PC monitor so that the imagery on the screen � whether it's a movie ...Read Full Article

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July 26th, 2011 -
soundscience is a subsidiary of Antec Inc. founded in 2010 to provide audio- and video-enabled products for PC and home entertainment. Currently, soundscience only offers two items for purchase: the "ruckus 3D", a 2.1 speaker system, and the "halo 6 LED bias lighting kit", the item up for review.Read Full Article

Antec Soundscience Bias Halo 6 LED Lighting Kit Review

June 7th, 2011 - By Bob Buskirk,
We�ve all done it, spent long hours at night working on a project on our computers. If you are working at night with no other lights on besides the light on your monitor your eyes can easily become strained. There have been many tests and studies that have confirmed this. There have also been studies on illumination around a display and they have concluded that back illumination of a display causes less eye strain and eye fatigue. I don�t know that many displays that offer this feature, so SoundScience has come up with a simple fix, the Halo 6 LED Lighting Kit. Let�s take a look at see what it�s all about.Read Full Article

Antec SoundScience Halo 6 LED Bias Lighting Kit Review

May 24th, 2011 - Written by Eric Stemplewski,
Not too long ago, a study was performed by the Lighting Research Center. This study's focus was on the eyestrain effects of watching a TV in a dark room. They took a group of subjects and had them watch an hour of an action movie with surrounding wall illumination, take a break, then watch the same movie without illumination. Then another group did the same thing in reverse order. Before and after each viewing session, all subjects were given visual tests. The study concluded that surrounding illumination had a number of beneficial effects. Participants had less eyestrain, eye fatigue, blinked less, and there was a shorter time gap between visual cues and brain responsiveness. Read Full Article
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