About us

soundscience™, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Antec Inc., designs and creates audio- and video-enabled lifestyle products and accessories for the PC and home entertainment markets. Founded in 2010, soundscience brings Antec’s expertise and reputation in PC enclosures, cooling and power systems, to speaker systems and multimedia components.

The soundscience brand is built around the following core principles:

Technology leadership:

Our 3Dsst™ audio technology is designed to deliver an audio experience that complements the visual immersion of the latest 3D video technologies.

Cutting-edge product design:

Products should look as good as they sound; soundscience speakers stand out from the crowd. Plus by using only high quality materials (anodized aluminum, wood) soundscience products are built to last.

Faithful and accurate stereo playback:

soundscience products have a dedicated music mode to ensure you hear your music as it is meant to be heard.

Best-in-class audio quality:

soundscience designs products to be best-in-class in terms of audio quality and delivers on its promises without compromise.