Soundscience a/v cooler

A/V Cooler features

• Protect your investments and maintain performance stability
• Reduce wear and tear caused by heat
• Low power requirements to complement your media setup
• Highest quality materials and design

Robust cooling for your audio and
video equipment

With advancements in production values in the entertainment industry, components are pushed to the limit more than ever. Heat reduces lifespan and can also effect the performance in output quality. The soundscience a/v cooler is the perfect device for regulating the temperature of your home audio/video equipment. The design prevents heat from rising to any other equipment you choose to stack on top of its sturdy carbon-glass frame. Simply place it on top of your hottest component and let the 2-speed blowers help keep two media components cool.

Maintain quality stability

Heat is a major factor to quality stability. Sensitive components, such as audio amplifiers and video reproduction equipment, are effected by heat build up. This can reduce output quality and also diminish the overall lifespan of the product.

Quiet technology

Years of advancements in fan technology from Antec helps the soundscience a/v cooler keep fans running quieter. The a/v cooler’s Two 2-speed 80 mm blowers pull heat from underneath and exhaust it through rear vents, regulating your media equipment’s environment to help maximize component performance while protecting your investment.

Designed for more than one

The advanced design of the a/v cooler allows you to keep two media components cool. The Carbon-glass structure with aluminum top plate provides exceptional structural integrity but also is engineered to absorb heat and effectively achieve temperature regulation.
Cooling Mode:
Speed: 1600RPM 1200RPM
Input Current: 0.4A 0.3A
Air Flow: 0.23m³/min(8.0 CFM) 0.16m³/min(5.5CFM)
Static Pressure: 2.5mm-H20(0.01 inch - H2O) 1.4mm-H2O(0.06 inch -H2O)
Acoustical Noise 28.7 dBA 22.5 dBA
Input Power: 5.0W 3.6W
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Operating Voltage 12V±10%
MTBF: 35,000 hours
Dimensions: 1.8"(H) x 14.2" (W) x 16.9"(D)
  46mm(H) x 361mm(W) x 429mm(D)
Weight: 4.4lbs / 2.0kg
Product Warranty: 2 years














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