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Solution Plus CPU cooler
Socket A/7/370 CPU cooler
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Solution Plus



Performance CPU Cooler


Excellent Cooling at a great price.

This product is discontinued.

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Solution Plus our best-performing CPU cooler, offers special features for today's hottest new chips and gives you great flexibility and top performance. Supports up to XP3200+

  • Supports up to XP3200+ CPU's
  • One-piece Copper-embedded aluminum base with fin structure for superior heat conductivity.
  • 80 fins with a total of 150 square inch surface area (3 times more than a conventional heatsink) for maximum heat dispersion
  • Ball bearing fan for extended life
  • Compatible with:
    Intel Socket 370 FC-PGA, Celeron, Pentium, Pentium MMX, Pentium III
    AMD Duron, Athlon/XP (Socket A, T-bird, T-bred etc), K5 thru K6-3
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