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TrueQuiet Pro™ 120 White
120mm TrueQuiet fan
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TrueQuiet Pro™ 120



TrueQuiet Pro™ 120 White



The TrueQuiet Pro 120 White case fan minimizes turbulence and noise in your PC. Its revolutionary blade design fuses fan blades to the frame itself to maximize blade size for extra air moving power. The TrueQuiet Pro 120 White also has silicone grommets and flexible mounting pins to prevent vibrations which allow it to achieve an exceptional airflow to noise ratio. Builders can use the convenient 2-speed switch to choose the low 600 RPM setting for quiet computing or the high 1200 RPM setting for maximum cooling. Antec’s TrueQuiet Pro 120 White is backed by a 2-year limited warranty on parts and labor, so upgrade your fans today and add optimal cooling and functionality to your PC.

• Two-speed control

• Uniquely-designed fan blades increase

   airflow while reducing turbulence and noise

• Silicone grommets to reduce vibration

• Too-less mounting pins

• Included 3-pin to Molex adapter




 Static Pressure


Air Flow





1200 RPM

0.03 in-H2O

/ 0.66 mm-H2O

1.31m³ / min

(46.3 CFM)


18.9 dBA




0.01 in-H2O

/ 0.18mm-H2O

0.598m³ / min

(21.1 CFM)


10.8 dBA