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Accent Lighting
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Show off your PC in a new light with the Antec Advance Accent Lighting USB-Powered 6 LED Strip. Easy to install and turn on, simply attach the LED strip onto the electronic device you desire, insert the USB plug into an available USB port or powered USB hub and then turn it on with its convenient on / off switch. Add in the one-year warranty on parts and labor as a guarantee you won't be left in the dark. Available in either red or blue, let the Antec Advance Accent Lighting USB-Powered 6 LED strip give your components, desk, or even monitor a healthy glow today!

  • Requirements:
  • 1 x 2.0 USB Port / 3.0 USB Port

  • Certifications/Safety:
  • CE, RoHS

  • Unit Dimensions:
  • USB connector to base of light strip cable length: 51" / 1300 mm

  • 6 LED length:
  • 14.5" / 370 mm

  • Net Weight:
  • 1 oz / 28.3 g

  • Gross Weight:
  • 2 oz / 56.6 g

  • Features:
  • Convenient on / off switch activates / deactivates light
    Antec Quality 1 year parts and labor warranty