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Notebook Cooler Stand B
Cooling system for notebook computers
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Raising Notebook Cooling Standards

Antec's Notebook Cooler Stand takes cooling to new heights and transforms your laptop into a convenient miniworkstation, providing a clutter-free cooling solution that also promotes ergonomically correct positioning. A raised incline design elevates your notebook to a height similar to an external display, minimizing neck and back strain, and a keyboard reserve below houses your mouse and keyboard when not in use, maximizing desk space. A USB-powered 80mm fan quietly cools your notebook while sturdy 4mm aluminum construction provides ultimate stability. Antec's Notebook Cooler Stand: raising notebook cooling standards.

  • Suitable for Mac and PC notebooks up to 15"
  • Raised incline design improves ergonomic comfort
  • Keyboard reserve maximizes desk space when not in use
  • 80mm fan quietly operates at 1500 RPM
  • 4mm single aluminum plate construction cools your notebook and provides stability
  • Rear cable organizer aperture reduces clutter
  • Unit Dimension
    - 135 mm (H) x 205 mm (W) x 235 mm (D)
    - 5.3" (H) x 8.1" (W) x 9.3" (D)
  • Package Dimension
    - 250 mm (H) x 240 mm (W) x 143 mm (D)
    - 9.8" (H) x 9.4" (W) x 5.6" (D)
  • Weight
    - Net : 2.3 lbs / 1.0 kg
    - Gross : 3.24 lbs / 1.47 kg

  • Air Flow - At rated voltage zero static pressure (minimal value)
    0.515 m³ / min (18.167CFM)
    Static Pressure - At rated voltage At zero air flow
    1.042 mm-H2O (0.041"-H2O)
    Speed (Max.)
    Acoustical Noise
    19.34 dBA
    Life - Continuous operating under normal temperature (25 °C or 77 °F)
    20,000 hours