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NSK 1480
Mini Desktop case
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Super Quiet Mini Desktop Case

Decrease your system footprint and increase your desk space with the NSK1480. This microATX form factor desktop case is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their system off the floor without losing valuable real estate on their desk. No more bending over and reaching under your desk just to insert a CD because now, it's all right there in front of you! On top of that, the NSK1480's unique dual chamber design and its high-efficiency 80 PLUS® Bronze certified power supply keep your components cool and lower your electrical bill. Build your system with the NSK1480 mini desktop case and get all that leg room back.


MicroATX Motherboards that features right-angle SATA might require 90° angled SATA connectors due to limited space in the case.

  • Low profile desktop height fits in any environment
  • Dual chamber structure for HDD and motherboard to separate heat and reduce noise
  • 2x80mm side fans to exhaust air from CPU & VGA card
  • 80 PLUS® Bronze Certified 350 Watt power supply directly draws fresh air in from outside the case to maximize quiet and cool operation
  • Universal Input and Active PFC
  • 80mm D.B.B fan
  • 80 PLUS® Bronze Certified means increased energy efficiency without any reduction in performance and saving you money on your power bill
  • Removable HDD tray with extra soft silicone grommets in a separate chamber for maximum quiet and cool operation
  • 80mm intake fan to cool the HDD
  • 2 Drive Bays
      • External 1 x 5.25"
      • Internal 2 x 3.5"
  • 4 Expansion Slots
  • Cooling System:
      • 2 x 80mm TriCool® 3-speed exhaust fans in motherboard chamber (standard)
      • 1 x 80mm TriCool® 3-speed intake fan for HDD cage (standard)
  • Adjustable Air Guide directs cool external air through CPU
  • Compatible Motherboards: Mini-ITX, microATX
  • Front-mounted ports provide convenient connections:
      • 2 x USB 2.0
      • 1 x eSATA
      • Audio In/Out (HDA & AC' 97)
  • Unit dimensions:
      • 4.5"(H) x 15.1"(W) x 16.1"(D)
      • 12cm (H) x 39cm (W) x 41cm (D)
  • Weight:
      • Net: 11.29 lbs / 5.12 kg
      • Gross: 15.7 lbs / 7.14 kg
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