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Computer Transport Apparatus
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Make your computer accessible and portable with Antec's LanBoard

Who says your desktop computer can't be portable too? Make your computer accessible and mobile with Antec's LanBoard. Able to support a fully-loaded case weighing up to 130 pounds, the LanBoard computer transport apparatus is able to accommodate almost any size and form-factor. Two lockable wheels keep the LanBoard from drifting, while the adjustable strap keeps your rig secure and in place. The strap also features a sturdy, molded handle, allowing you to carry the LanBoard and your case with ease. With simple, intuitive features, the LanBoard is taking your PC to new places.

  • Supports a fully loaded case of nearly any size
  • Perfect for LAN parties
  • Two front locking wheels prevent unwanted drifting
  • Includes a convenient carrying strap for added portability
  • Maximum weight capacity: 130 lbs / 60 kg
  • Dimensions:
    - 2.7" (H) x 10.1" (W) x 16.7" (D)
    - 68 mm (H) x 256 mm (W) x 425 mm (D)
  • Weight: 2.2 lb / 1.0 kg

  • Note: Antec's LanBoard is designed to only support the weight of your computer and is not intended to support any other object(s).