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What¡¯s in a name?

You might have noticed that some of our products are now being sold under new names. What¡¯s the deal?

To create a more consistent naming system and enhance your shopping experience, we¡¯ve decided to include information about an enclosure¡¯s power supply within the unit¡¯s name. For example, the Sonata III 500 has a high efficiency 500 Watt EarthWatts power supply, and the P190 + 1200 has a 1200 Watt Neo-Link dual power supply. With this new naming system, you¡¯ll be able to know right away if the case you¡¯re looking at comes with the power you need.

A complete list of the renamed products:

Sonata III

Sonata III 500

Sonata Designer

Sonata Designer 500

Sonata Plus

Sonata Plus 500


P190 + 1200


Atlas 550

Fusion V2

Fusion V2 430

Fusion Black

Fusion Black 430

Micro Fusion

Micro Fusion 350

Take 3

Take 3 + 450

Take 4

Take 4 + 450