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The 3 GigaHertz Challenge

High-performance systems are getting hotter. New 3GHz CPUs throw off much more heat than their 2+GHz siblings, so much so that system cooling can now be a major issue.

In response Antec has instituted participation in a rigorous testing program to confirm that our cases can meet the Intel® requirements for minimum electrical, thermal, mechanical fit and functional compatibility for cases. In cooperation with NWETL, a nationally-recognized testing laboratory, Antec ascertains that the standardized high-performance system configuration based on Intel® motherboard and 3GHz Pentium®4 CPU plus peripherals can operate properly and within limits in our case for the required time.

All submitted Antec cases have passed the testing, and our Plus1080AMG case even performs within the stricter limits required of a Thermally-Advantaged Chassis. Look for the "3GHz Ready" and "Thermally-Advantaged Chassis" indications on our product information pages and our boxes.

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