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Independent Lab Proves Sonata Is Quietly The Best.

It's easy to make a claim. It's more difficult to prove it.

We’ve always claimed that our Sonata case is the quietest available. To prove our claim, we asked an independent Silicon Valley lab to rigorously test our quiet little wonder. To keep things fair, the lab ran an identical battery of tests on a comparable high-performance mid-tower case with a 400W thermally-controlled power supply.

They tested both cases straight from the box, without any modifications whatsoever. All tests were conducted in accordance with ISO Standard 7779. The results? The premium mid-tower case generated 37.3 dBA at 1 meter in front of the case. But Sonata whispered along at a mere 20.4 dBA.

What does that mean in plain English? If you increase a sound by 10 decibels (dBA), you’ll double its volume. Increase it by 20 dBA, and you’ll quadruple its volume. Since the premium case generates 16.9 dBA more than Sonata, that means Sonata was 3 times quieter.

To compare Sonata’s ultra-quiet performance to other common noise levels, check out this chart:

  • Rustling leaves 20 dBA
  • Excellent listening conditions less than 30 dBA
  • Quiet whisper (1 meter) 30 dBA
  • Quiet home 40 dBA
  • Normal conversation 60 dBA
  • Food blender (1 meter) 90 dBA

So if you’d like to bring a little quiet into your life, consider Sonata. We’ve always known it was the quietest case available. And now we’ve proven it. It’s no wonder that Antec is the First Name in Quiet Computing™.

For more information on the logarithmic Decibel scale, and other sound and hearing issues, please follow this link.