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So you're throwing a LANparty. Good for you. And if you're anything like the many overworked, underappreciated party hosts we've met over the years, you're going to want some help. Consider Antec sponsorship. You'll need prizes and giveaways, so we’ll send over some nifty Antec products. To spruce up your décor, we'll send Antec posters and banners. To ensure that your guests don't go home empty-handed, you’ll get Antec flyers and promotional items. And we'll even promote your party on our website.

If you'd like your event to be considered for Antec sponsorship, simply complete and submit the form below. Give us at least six weeks' notice, and we'll respond within 30 days. Please supply as much information as possible, to help us better evaluate your event. And start practicing your trash-talk, because you’re going to need it.

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Note Concerning Alexa
One criterion (of many) that Antec uses in evaluating your sponsorship opportunity is the Alexa ranking of your website. We recommend that you let your viewership know how to be counted — among other things, they can go to and click on Free Toolbar near the top of the page.