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Antec Mail-In Rebate



Q: Now that I’ve purchased a qualifying product from Antec, what items do I need for to send in with my claim?

A: You will need to send in the following items:

  1. The rebate request form that was received upon purchase
  2. The original “Proof of Purchase” UPC barcode cut from the product box
  3. A copy of a dated store identified receipt/order confirmation with purchase price(s) circled

Q: I’ve gathered all of my items for my claim, where do I send them?

A: Please send the above items to:

Dept.# (Can be found on your rebate request form)
MR # (Can be found on your rebate request form)
PO Box 52106
Phoenix, AZ 85072

(The exact format for mailing can be found on your Rebate Request form)

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my rebate?

A: Due to a high number of rebates being processed we ask that you allow us the full 60 days to process your rebate.

Q: If it has been past the 60 days, how may I contact Antec for an update regarding my rebate?

A: Please send any and all rebate related questions to and a rebate representative will respond within 24 hours of your email. You can also check the claim status at or contact customer support.

Q: Will I be contacted if my rebate is denied?

A: For any claims that ACB will be processing, they will be contacted if they are denied.

Q: Wouldn’t the Antec Customer Support line be a quicker route for me to get a response?

A: The fastest response to rebate questions will be through, but you are able to contact Customer Support for rebate status.

Q: Is there anything that I can do to assure that my rebate gets approved?

A: Yes to ensure that your rebate gets approved and processed in a timely manner please do the following:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions section of your Rebate Request Form to ensure you follow and are in accordance all guidelines.
  2. Be sure to send in all requested information prior to the postmark deadline specific to the promotion you are claiming for.
  3. Write legibly on your Rebate Request form to ensure easy and accurate processing for our rebate department.

Q: I have an outstanding rebate from 2008 that I sent to CPG, how do I claim this rebate?

A: Please contact our Rebate department at with a subject of “CPG Rebate”