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It’s easy to claim you’re the best. (Heck, we do it all the time.) But it’s more difficult to convince people that you’re the best. Especially if those people hail from CRN, the most trusted newsweekly for solution providers. Yet they’re convinced that Antec provides the best cases on the planet. That’s why they chose our PlusView 1000 AMG to house their latest “Ultimate PC.”

Just what is the “Ultimate PC”? Every year, CRN assembles a drool-worthy mega-machine sporting technology that makes us all weak in the knees. Of course, no dream machine (click here for web video) is complete without a jealousy-inducing case. Enter our PlusView 1000 AMG. It packs ten drive bays for even the most gadget-happy builder. Room for five fans to keep everything cool. And a distinctive clear side panel to show off your glorious handiwork.

So check out the PlusView 1000 AMG. And build your own dream machine.