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2004 RAM Award: David vs. Goliath

Antec is the proud recipient of Reseller Advocate Magazine's 2004 David vs. Goliath Award, voted on by the magazine's readership. This award represents the channel's opinion that Antec does the best overall job of helping system builders and VARs go head-to-head against mass merchants and e-tailers. "The reason we voted for Antec is because they stand behind their products," said Kevin McClure, co-owner of KPM Computer Solutions in Winfield, KS. "For a computer reseller like we are, we need that level of quality to compete with the big boys."

"We really appreciate and are honored that the system builder community selected us to win this award," says Scott Richards, Antec worldwide vice president of sales and marketing. "I think it reflects a relationship we've had with the channel since even before building PCs went mainstream."

Antec would like to say Thank You to everyone who voted for us. We are proud to be your chosen partner in business, and will continue to do everything possible to earn your support.