Continuous Power

What is Continuous Power?

If you are looking for a strong, stable and reliable PSU that will last you for years, you'll want one that runs on Continuous Power.

Antec PSUs always use Continuous Power to deliver consistent, stable wattage to your entire system. You can believe that whenever Antec advertises '500W of Continuous Power', that is exactly what you'll get: 500W of stable, continuous power. No exceptions.

We don’t want you, or anyone else, to be misled by a PSU that says one thing and delivers another. So we have created the Continuous Power site so you can educate yourself more about the different types of PSU available on the market. Hopefully then, you can choose your next PSU with confidence.

  • Continuous-rated PSUs

    If you never thought a PSU description could be straightforward, think again. These Antec PSUs deliver their advertised wattages. Period. If the box specifies 500W, then that is what you'll get; 500W of stable power for as long as your PSU is running. Simple, easy, and definitely worth every cent, these are the only PSUs Antec creates.

    Pop the top off a Continuous-rated PSU and you will see what? Lots of components. The more, the better.

  • Peak-rated PSUs

    Some companies like to advertise their peak wattage, but peak wattage not really a good indication of its performance under realistic conditions. Like a sprinter, a peak-rated PSU can hit high speeds but can't maintain them. Yet, like a marathon runner, a continuous-rated PSU, can maintain a speed for hours and hours on end. That’s why you need to look for a PSU that can sprint fast when needed, but can also cover long distances without tiring.

    There is a difference between what a PSU can do for eight seconds and what a PSU can do for eight hours.

  • Over-rated PSUs

    To simplify, a lot of PSUs can't really deliver their advertised wattage for more than a few seconds. Like a heartbeat, their power spikes and drops. So do yourself a favor and don’t break your heart by buying a PSU that does not provide Continuous Power.

    Look inside, see how empty the PSU is? It has 'bad news' written all over it.

Power Differences

Take our word for it, a blown PSU or an overheated component is a disaster for your new computer. Don’t risk a blowout by cutting corners with a 'budget' PSU.
But finding a good, stable PSU is not rocket science. There are ways to judge PSU quality without test driving it. So, please take a look at our other pages to learn the difference between a good PSU and bad PSU. Also, learn the advantages of getting a Continuous Power-rated PSU from Antec where we guarantee all our PSUs are FULL WATT GARANTEED. EVERY TIME-ALL THE TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS.