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Ensuring a Greener Tomorrow

At Antec, we're dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment, and continually seek opportunities to reduce our impact on the planet.  We understand the far-reaching effects of our actions, and recognize our responsibility as a global company to conserve resources and minimize waste.  That’s why Antec is proud of its ongoing commitment to green practices, every step of the way.


In an effort to reduce our eco-footprint, Antec uses sustainable packaging measures including:

  • Using minimal packaging on all products
  • Printing all boxes on entirely recycled paper 
  • Using recycled paper for internal packaging
  • Printing with soy-based, biodegradable inks
  • Assuring no mercury, lead or cadmium is used during any stage of our packaging process
  • Offering our product manuals in digital form to save paper


Antec considers its full impact on the environment during manufacturing and maintains green facilities by:

  • Recycling all production waste
  • Reincorporating unused plastics with new plastics on site
  • Reclaiming heat used during power supply QA testing phases
  • Ensuring all Antec products meet RoHS certification

Power Supplies

Antec has and continues to lead the industry in creating energy-friendly power supplies by:

  • Ensuring most of Antec’s power supplies meet 80 PLUS® certification
  • Introducing the EarthWatts series, the first full line of 80 PLUS® certified power supplies, in 2006
  • Releasing its most eco-friendly line of power supplies yet, the EarthWatts Green series, in 2009
  • Releasing our first 80 PLUS® Silver certified power supply, the TruePower Quattro 1200
Antec’s green initiative allows us to create more efficient products, conserve resources and lower your operating costs.  That’s why Antec’s commitment to the environment not only ensures a greener tomorrow, but also gives you a wide range of efficient, energy-friendly and economical products.