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Go Green With Antec!

Don't Compromise – Save Energy and Maximize Performance!

Quiet Computing

As graphics cards and processors become increasingly powerful, the costs of running a desktop computer are rising rapidly; today’s computers drain more electricity than ever. When building a system, it’s important to consider not just the energy it uses, but the efficiency with which it runs. Conserving energy is important for us at Antec, and that’s why many of our products now meet 80 PLUS®, the highest independently certified standard in energy efficiency.

What is 80 PLUS® certification? 80 PLUS® is an innovative, electric-utility-funded incentive program to integrate more energy-efficient power supplies into desktop computers and servers. Whereas most current PSUs are only 60 to
70 percent efficient, wasting up to 30 to 40 percent of the energy they consume, 80 PLUS® certified PSUs have been
tested and guaranteed to operate at 80 or more percent efficiency; an 80 PLUS® compliant PSU can save 21 percent
of total electricity use across all modes of operation. Not only will this lower your operating costs, it’s also incredibly
beneficial for the environment. In fact, as of July 20, 2007, ENERGY STAR Computer Specifications includes
80 PLUS® power supply efficiency levels!

You might think that energy efficiency comes at the cost of reduced power, but with Antec products, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Despite their incredible efficiency, Antec power supplies provide maximum power with no reduction in performance! So whether you’re thinking about replacing an old power supply or building a new high-performance system, remember that it’s not just the cost of the power supply that matters, it’s the total cost of ownership. In addition, system integrators who utilize 80 PLUS® compliant products are eligible for monetary returns and other benefits as part of the 80 PLUS® Channel Partner Benefits program. If you want components that deliver power, reduce noise, and conserve electricity, make sure they’re Antec 80 PLUS® certified units!